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VOR Academy Rome Ostia


When you decide to participate in a professional training course such as Make Up and to choose the right teacher, the student makes an evaluation of the teacher's work and career, trying to understand if the emotion transmitted by the teacher can coincide. with what she herself will want to express in the future. But not only that, what determines the choice of the Teacher is something more intense and profound, since thanks to this choice, the future of the student can change. The empathy that is created between a teacher and a student is a very strong bond. When I met Valeria Orlando, her magic literally captured me, for the fantastic woman I met, for the extraordinary teacher I finally found and for the love and passion she gave me in what she loves to do. My journey in the VOR Academy began in 2014, when I attended the first Make Up course with Valeria. Impressed and excited by what I had learned, I decided to continue exploring the world of Make Up, which immediately became a beautiful life path, thus participating in Workshops and Masterclasses in Italy and Europe, with top-level teachers. This allowed me in the following years to increase my talent and to reach the first of the many goals set, finally becoming a VOR Ambassador. And this is what I deeply wish all my future students to choose their VOR Ambassador with passion and heart, to achieve success!

Xeda Alejandra Pacheco VOR Ambassador in Rome Ostia


BASE 1 October 24-25-26

BASE 2 21-22-23 November


WEDDING 24-25 January 2021


Fill out the form to get all the info on the world of Vor Academy, as soon as possible, you will first be sent an email with the descriptions of the course and, subsequently, contacted by the owner of the Academy of interest.

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